Monday, April 26, 2010

Great Education Blogs: 2¢ Worth

I thought that one of the best ways for me to help out pre-service and new teachers would be share the blogs that I read. The first blog I recommend is 2¢ Worth by David Warlick. It was the first education blog I found and the one I read first. I chose this blog because it focuses on learning. A good reminder of what we are all about.

On another note, do you all have rss readers? If not I would suggest using my favorite Bloglines. It is easy to use (although you might Google Reader better for integration purposes.)

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  1. David Warlick was an inspiration to me when I started blogging 5 years ago. Perhaps this could be a regular series? It would certainly be of value to me!

    The other thing is that you don't necessarily *have* to subscribe to blogs via RSS. After years of doing so using Bloglines and then Google Reader, I now subscribe via email. If there's no option to do so on the blog I use Reblinks ( to convert RSS to email.

    The great thing about subscribing via email is that you're pretty much *forced* to read blogs to which you've subscribed in order to get to inbox zero. With Google Reader I often had over 1000 items left unread...