Friday, September 17, 2010

Classroom Hack: Creating Postcards Using Student Work

Here is a quick way to let your students show off their artwork and get in a quick lesson on writing postcards. The picture above is a postcard I made in class from picture a student drew to go along with a media history assignment. I took the pictures and printed them onto card stock and cut them out. Then I had them write a postcard explaining the assignment and had them mailed. Soon the parents will get a surprise in the mail!

You can do the same thing with pictures of the students as well. Why not take a picture of the science experiment they are doing, the activity they are doing in their PE class, or them working on a computer? There is something special about receiving handwritten mail and it is even more special when it is from someone you love!

Please note: If you are using a laser printer you need it to heat up before running card stock in it. I print 25-30 blank pages first before I run the card stock through so it heats up enough that the toner sticks to the paper.


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  2. Hi Mr. Chamberlain,
    I am Sandra Williams, and I am in Dr. Strange EDM310 class. I think this is so neat, not only are the students able to “show off their artwork and get a quick lesson on writing postcards”. I think this is another fun way to get the parents involved with the things their children are learning at school. I also believe this will make the students more excited about learning, because something they have made in class has been sent to their home, by mail and it is not bad news. Great idea.

  3. I love this post. This is a good idea to do for someone you love. Especially around the holidays. To me, a handwritten mail means that it really came from the heart and that you care about that special person. I just love this post!!!

  4. Hi, I am Cassandra, From Dr. Strange EDM 310 class. I think this is a great, inexpensive, and fun idea. I also think this is a way to keep the parents updated about what their children are learning in school. I think this will also give parents another outlook on receiving mail from their child's school. I think this is also a form a keeping learning going at home, by them being reminded of their lessons through the postcards. Another thing is they have also made their parents happy. I think I will borrow this idea when I get my classroom.
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