Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4: National Teacher Appreciation Day

I just wanted to say thank you to all the teachers that have made a difference in my life. So many times, teachers go unnoticed. If it wasn't for teachers, none of us would make it in life. As a future teacher, I hope I improve my students' lives and encourage them to pursue their dreams. I am so appreciative of the teachers who have encouraged me and believed in me, even when I no longer wanted to continue my education. Dr. Strange, thank you for accepting my random, quirky sayings and beliefs. I have loved this past semester, and my life will forever be changed. Mr. Chamberlain, thank you for helping our class and assisting with our blog. You are an amazing teacher, and I look forward to the many things you have to offer us. For all the future teachers, I encourage you on your educational journey, and I look forward to keeping in touch! Thanks again for a great semester!


  1. I thrive on "random, quirky sayings and beliefs." They go quite well, thank you, with my name. If only everyone talked with unicorns on a regular basis!

  2. Jamie Lynn, thank you very much. I have wonderful students and a great PLN that make me feel every day is Teacher Appreciation Day.