Friday, January 28, 2011


I found this when investigating whether or not Glogster is going to be the tool for my Math Methods SED454 Class. We are asked to find a way to electronically capture and build a professional portfolio of the work we do during our block semester and student teaching. Dr. Byrd not only requires it for the course, but recommends it as a marketing tool for ourselves when interviewing for permanent placement.

I am looking for a way to not only organize my materials for this class in a poster format, but I want to be able to search for information I may use down the road. Blogs are great, but it's different to pull up information easily unless I know where it is. Blogger can be divided into 10 pages, which is how I may organize the material for now.

Does anyone have any recommendations for programs that may help me here?


Jackie Gorski


  1. I would love for you to start a wikispace of some kind for this. I will follow closely because I REALLY need/ want to learn and use innovative math strategies.

  2. Hey Anthony,
    I'm not sure how to start a wikispace. Do you know if there is an EDM310 tutorial for that? I need to learn that too.

    So far, I really like my text for my math methods course, Embracing Mathematics : On Becoming a Teacher and Changing with Mathematics. Innovative math strategies are in here. I'll be sure to try to share with you any "cool" stuff that we come up with this semester.