Thursday, August 19, 2010

Around the World Multiplication

This video shows students playing "Around the World" with multiplication. This is a flash card drill game where students compete to travel around the circle. To start the game two students race to answer the multiplication (or any other kind of flash card) problem. The winner moves to the next student around the circle and race them. When the winner loses they sit in the new winner's seat. The game continues going around the circle until one student ends up at the seat they started at. The students seemed to really enjoy the game.


  1. My daughter's class played this game with addition in the second grade. It was pretty impressive to watch. The kids LOVED that game!

  2. I like this game. This help students want to learn better. When I become a teacher, I will use this to motivate my students to want to learn.

  3. i like that that cool