Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New EDM 310 Students

I was searching the internet for information for a paper I am writing and accidentally (maybe it was fate) came across this picture and thought about Dr. Strange and his new EDM 310 students.

I remembered how I felt when I first walked into his classroom carrying my new, shiny laptop. I was so proud of my new computer and really felt like this would be an easy class. I already knew a lot about technology. After all, I was already on Facebook and I had made LOTS of purchases online. Then Dr. Strange goes over the syllabus and explains his expectations for this class. Was he crazy? I felt like grabbing my laptop and running out of the door. Then I thought about all the challenges I will face as a teacher. Will I be able to run from them? No. So I decided to accept the challenge and I am glad I did. I learned so much from this class not only about technology, but about myself. I am now more willing to accept challenges with a grin (most likely someone in my PLN has gone through the same challenge before) and go the extra mile to create a technological footprint I will be proud of.

People talk about 'getting their feet wet' when they are learning something new. My advice to new EDM 310 students, forget about just getting your feet wet, jump in and start swimming. Trust me. The water is great!

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